Advising and Facilitating Agile Transformation

The age of top-down change projects is over. Our organizations have become too complex to be managed entirely from above, as we can neither reliably predict their goals nor the path to achieve them in order to plan goals and actions top-down for other people.

Today we necessarily live in the age of “co-creation”, in which we all look at and discuss our situation together, recognize the need for change, invite and evaluate recommendations from all areas of the organization, and formulate and implement actions together.

Modern organizations transform themselves in a bottom-up / top-down choreography to align with the needs of their customers. They go through this process not just once, but rather are in constant adjustment and reinvention to keep up with the changes happening in the world.

Although this transformation process must, in principle, come from within, it will neither get off the ground nor produce results without a “go” from the executives and support from managers and transformation teams. Organizational transformation is primarily a culture issue, and it needs to be facilitated by people who make decisions and provide a framework for the process of social transformation.

To support this new reality, we train, coach, shadow and mentor your transformation agents and moderators, as well as your managers and teams in their learning process on the path of their transformation. We engage your people in sensemaking and dialogue and show you the tools of the trade for transformation, from listening and conflict management skills to OKR’s for agile governance, and digital whiteboards and Kanban for the teams to visualize their work.

Above all, we go into deeper self-reflection with one another in order to provide orientation and to strengthen the actors in their learning process through coaching and supervision.

One version of such support work can be a dialogue and transformation choreography done though workshops: