Tom Klein



Tom Klein | Veranstaltungen

Global management meetings and international specialist conferences are like an elixir of life for the social interactions which make up a company’s culture. Live workshops allow trust in the team to grow and problem-solving processes to occur naturally in the flow of social events.

Nothing can replace the motivation and group dynamics of personal contact among colleagues. Networking at an event or an entertaining dinner brings people closer together. Mistrustful distance melts away and is replaced by trust and appreciation. Bonds are created through shared experience and relationships develop among colleagues that are the foundation for their professional networks both inside and outside the company.

The culture of a company grows and develops through social contact, as people who know each other and stick together can master every transformation together.

We will return to having global management meetings and innovative workshops again soon. Until then, teams practice online collaboration, and they learn and develop in virtual spaces. Many things do work online, and yet something essential is missing: the contact that comes through personal encounters.

When we do meet each other live and in person once again, there will be much we will need to fix to re-establish our social connections and to bring things into working order in the new world we’ll be in.  Then we can turn to the many challenges that we face on our transformation paths with renewed joy and strength.

Call on us as soon as we can gauge when it will be safe to meet in large groups again. We look forward to the tasks that lie ahead!