Tom’s talks motivate not only people, but also organizations to act in ways they may have hesitated to do until now. Their effect is like that of a catalyst, through which the system that has invited him to give it an impulse begins to change.

His experience as a consultant enables him to effect changes in outdated patterns of behaviour, to trigger creative thinking and to point to innovative approaches to dealing with challenges. He works with the knowledge that opportunities present themselves when people and organizations have the courage to realize their potential.

As keynote speaker, Tom has a special talent for holding an audience’s rapt attention—especially when speaking in the more subtle tones that his complex material requires. He creates a special connection with his listeners from the moment he begins until the last minutes of his talk—and is remembered long afterwards. He effects sustainable transformation, believing that more is always possible than one thinks.

Tom’s keynotes fit perfectly for companies with a global footprint, or for those which are growing internationally. They trigger the insights and change impulses which international businesses require today. With his intercultural experience, the German-Canadian has the background needed to understand and shape the future of an organization in an international environment.

Whether in German or English, Tom provides answers with the native-speaker’s competence.

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