Executive Team Coaching

In facing the business challenges of the 21st century, management and management teams often have to reimagine their professional relationships with each other and their people. Where in the past managers were responsible for the performance of discrete functions, today they must enable networks and cross-functional teams to succeed. Close and trusting relationships have become essential to managing innovation and leading a company through times of rapid change.

In order to make the transition to the new management requirements, executive teams need more time to reflect on how they face the challenges of digitalization and globalization, but also to set new types of goals for their own development, as they discover together how they want to lead the company through change.

What I can do for your Executive Team:

I provide your team with an overview of the current business challenges that companies are facing because of digitalization and globalization. I work with your team to build the networks which the organization needs to meet these challenges. Together, we develop the management models needed to work productively under the conditions of a networked organization, and to work successfully with the network dynamics it creates.

I support the development of an internal culture of cooperation and trust, as well as a reorganization of functions into end-to-end processes of value creation.

Your team develops the capacity to support agile culture and collaborative value creation. Colleagues from my network, who focus on operational change management and the coaching of teams in agile methods, provide support for the transition in operations.

Feel free to contact me, and we can discuss how I can support you, be it with targeted impulses, in multi-day workshops, or with time-outs for self-reflection at offsite meetings.


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Organizational Development for Decentralized Teams

In order to transition to modern organizational structures, companies are networking and decentralizing their teams. Networked, decentralized structures ensure a free, low-friction flow of information, and put decision-making power over everyday customer needs in the hands of those who are responsible for their fulfillment.

What I can do for your networked organization:

As part of the networking process, I offer two to five-day international network meetings, often on an annual basis, for the different functions in the organization, starting with the management network, and extending to R&D, Product Management, IT, Human Resources, Sales, and other functions which need to communicate cross-functionally. At the network meetings, participants learn about the digital transformation of business in the 21st century, Industry 4.0, intelligent assistants and augmented reality, leadership, and governance, and are invited to work together on strategies that successfully meet these challenges.

Group size can range from 15-150 participants or more. All meetings are designed to promote personal networking and a fruitful exchange of knowledge. Tasks to develop the organization are often given over to key working groups, which take on responsibility for strategy and for the management and organization of their activities.

With my support, your networks discuss how they can innovate; what the organization can learn from cross-departmental customer feedback; which IT and technology trends play a role in product development; how to remain an attractive employer; and how your company can grow beyond its current boundaries and respond to threats to its business model.
In exploring these questions, and many more, I work as a partner in supporting your networks. Feel free to get in touch with me to talk about your needs.


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Special Situations

As a company and its employees evolve and grow, situations inevitably arise that require special attention. For example, the development of a product encounters obstacles, and a task force needs to called together to deal with them and wants support in facilitating a challenging strategy session. Perhaps the changes have surfaced a conflict, which requires feedback in a professional mediation environment. Or, a leader wants to reflect on himself and his work more intensively, and requests a coach who can support him in this process.

In these and similar situations, some fine-tuning, or targeted interventions can make the difference as to whether a company succeeds in its transformation process or not.

In personal coaching, I work with your leaders and managers on developing their powers of self-observation, and support their ability to deal productively with what they become aware of. I support teams in working through conflicts, and dealing with internal and external challenges.

I support your agile teams in learning how to organize themselves to do high-performance work. Through custom-designed workshops, I help your teams to master complex projects, extraordinary challenges, or to work on strategic questions.

Feel free to contact me to discuss the challenges your organization is facing, and how I can support you in dealing with them.


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„We have been working together successfully with Tom Klein for many years. His calm and charming personality, paired with his native English language skills, have provided the excellent support he has given us in numerous global network events. His talks on current business issues have fostered challenging discussions among our participants on the important developmental topics.“

– Stefan Fuchs, CEO Fuchs Petrolub SE

“For many years, Tom Klein has been an important catalyst for the company in designing and implementing our strategy. His support has been outstanding, enabled through his experience in dealing with Board level challenges, his international expertise, and his qualities as a coach.”

– Helmut Paulus, CEO und Managing Partner, Quoniam Asset Management GmbH

“If I look back on my career there have been a hand full of individuals that really had an impact on my personal development. Tom is one of them. He is very strong in any group/team development setting. However I feel that his true impact on me was in the “one on one” coaching I have had in my senior leadership roles. Providing a perspective rather than advice enabled me to continuously self-reflect on my situation. With his unique personality and skills, Tom is able to create an environment in which the focus lies on the individual and the circumstances, rather than just tools and methods. A truely unique coach!”

– Hansjörg Herrmann, COO, MANN+HUMMEL GmbH

“We wanted to push the envelope further, and Tom Klein got us there. His depth of knowledge and wealth of experience has given my team the tools to move to the next level of leadership through Self-Insight, Self-Regulation, and Self-Identity. He stays updated with cutting-edge business concepts and futuristic business practices and shares this information appropriately based on our needs. Tom not only immersed himself in our group to learn about the group dynamics but also did the same with his one-on-one coaching sessions. His style allowed him to tailor his talks to meet specific needs of the group and resulted in a number of breakthrough sessions that cemented the bonds of our group. This outcome is a true testament to his facilitation style. His application of business psychology concepts assisted our team to craft strategic initiatives that keep pushing the boundaries of our skills and knowledge while still being tactical and workable.”

Serena Godfrey, Head of Customer Care, Vistaprint