Retrospective with Agile Teams

Tom Klein | Course | Retrospective with Agile Teams

Agile work teams use retrospectives to improve their collaboration and performance.

Agility lives from the learning process that leads to improvement, as every team has the task of reflecting and developing useful insights for their own work.

Self-reflection lives from reflection, and it is often helpful to look at yourself in a new mirror offered by an external partner and mentor. In this way, the team can benefit from the experience of an expert, be mirrored by him and ask him about specific issues and so take the step to a next level of its development.

For teams that are only learning to reflect in retrospectives, we show them how retrospectives work and support them in getting started.

Experienced teams use the experts to challenge themselves or to hand off the moderation process so that they can all participate in the process of reflection equally.

This enables a team to make leaps in development that accelerate and deepen their own learning process.